Two koalas settle in Nanjing
2018-02-12 10:38:00

Merinda [Photo/Sun Tao]

Pipin [Photo/Sun Tao]

News came from Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo that two koalas from Australia had arrived at the zoo on Feb. 10, and will meet the public in about a month.

The two koalas are both three years old. The male one is named Pipin and the female Merinda. When they arrived at the zoo on the early morning of Feb. 10, Pipin soon stepped out of the cage and started to enjoy eucalyptus leaves, while Merinda appeared to be shy at first as she stayed at the cage for half an hour before she came out.

According to Zhang Jianrong, deputy director of the zoo, Pipin and Merinda will meet the public in March after a month’s quarantine. Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo is thinking about soliciting Chinese names for these two koalas from the public.

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