Lantern feasts standing by for Spring Festival in Jiangsu
2018-02-08 17:57:00

News came from Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau on Feb. 7 that over ten lantern fairs and a number of tourist events are to be held across Jiangsu during the Spring Festival.

Photo taken on Feb. 5 shows Qinhuai Lantern Fair in Nanjing under preparation. [Photo/VCG]

Qinhuai Lantern Fair, the largest folk lantern fair in China, is to kick off on Feb. 16 in Nanjing and last until the end of March. As one of China’s most famous lantern fairs, Qinhuai Lantern Fair this year is to be centering around the Confucius Temple scenic area, and expand to Laomendong Historic Block and the Ming City Wall and along the Qinhuai River.

In Changzhou, lantern fairs are to be held at four scenic areas, including China Dinosaur Park, Yancheng Chunqiu Amusement Land, Oriental Saltlake Resort and Liyang Yanshan Mountain Scenic Area, integrating folk culture and a sense of the future.

Photo taken on Feb. 3 shows lanterns at Oriental Saltlake Resort in Changzhou. [Photo/VCG]

The lantern fair in Nantong Adventure Land has already kicked off, with over 50 sets of lanterns integrating the technologies of light and sound.

The Qingjiangpu Lantern Fair in Huaian is to overturn the traditional model of lantern sets, but to add fashion elements and present a brand-new visual effect. Local elements of Huaian are to be reflected in the lanterns, for example, the characters in the novel Journey to the West.

Xixi Lantern Fair in Dongtai of Yancheng is to integrate with circus carnival. Citizens and visitors can enjoy not only lantern fair and firework show, but circus performances as well.

Yangzhou’s first lantern carnival is to combine the folk customs and trendy elements, striving to offer citizens and visitors new choices while practicing the folk tradition.

In Zhenjiang, the lantern festival in Maoshan Mountain Scenic Area will also be featuring Qinhuai Lantern. And the Third Temple Fair at Baohua Mountain will hold a street market of Spring Festival groceries.

Lantern fair at Nantong Adventure Lank is ready to meet citizens and visitors. [Photo/VCG]

Over 30 sets of lanterns featuring cultural elements of Taizhou and lanterns from Zigong, Sichuan province are to be exhibited at Qiuxue Lake Scenic Area in Taizhou.

Lantern fair in Suqian will be featuring five major topics, integrating nostalgia elements and modern life.

In Xuzhou, apart from lantern fair in Pan’an Lake Scenic Area, folk culture events like opera performances and cheongsam show are to delight the Spring Festival experience.

In the ancient town of Tongli in Suzhou, a bell ringing event will be held on Feb. 16, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

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