Spring Festival couplets sent in Changzhou’s Chunqiu Yancheng scenic area
2018-02-05 17:33:00

To welcome the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, a special celebration hosted by Xinhua Daily Media Group and Changzhou Municipal Publicity Department will kick off in China Chunqiu Yancheng scenic area in Changzhou, southern Jiangsu province, on the morning of Feb. 8.

Altogether of 100 calligraphers, kids and foreign friends will write 2000 pairs of Spring Festival couplets on site, and send to all the visitors for free during the activity. Yan Gongda, vice chairman of China Calligraphers Association, will also write a 12-meter-long couplet on the celebration. This giant couplet will be hung on the city gate of China Chunqiu Yancheng scenic area.

As the first scenic area themed of the ancient culture in Spring and Autumn Period (771-476 BC) in China, Changzhou’s Yancheng resort recaptures the history and culture of this period from all dimensions and builds a unique brand of culture in Spring and Autumn Period. Archaeological studies have confirmed that the ruins of Yancheng Ancient City have a history of over 2700 years. The ruins are the most complete and unique in Spring and Autumn Period around China. Yancheng Ancient City is the only ancient city that was made up with three cities and three rivers in the world.


China Chunqiu Yancheng scenic area was awarded as 5A-class tourist attraction in February of 2017. With total coverage of 7.6 km2, the entire area falls into five segments: Chunqiu Yancheng Relics Park, Yancheng Chunqiu Paradise, Yancheng Wild Animal World, Yancheng Traditional Business Street and Treasure-Forest Chan Monastery. Only in this way can the area create a brilliant cultural brand underlying an unheard-of complex consisting of tourism, leisure, recreation, science and technology, shopping and catering.


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