Jiangsu’s first artificially bred giraffe born in Changzhou
2017-10-26 16:54:00

A baby male giraffe named Xiaohei, which was artificially bred at Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou of East China’s Jiangsu province, survived its first three-month vulnerable period and made its public debut. Xiaohei becomes the first surviving artificially bred baby giraffe in Jiangsu, according to Jiangsu media on Oct 25.

Upon arrival at Yancheng Wild Animal World from South Africa in 2012, Xiaohei’s parents were quarantined and inspected by personnel from Changzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. During their isolation, Xiaohei’s parents got accustomed to their new home in Changzhou thanks to the considerate care of breeders at the wild animal world, and later gave birth to Xiaohei.


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