1,000 people enjoy fish feast in Jiangsu’s Fu’ning
2017-10-18 16:24:00

The first Jinsha Lake Fishing Cultural and Tourism Festival was unveiled at Jinsha Lake Tourism Resort in Fu’ning county, Yancheng city, East China's Jiangsu province on Monday. An exhibition of local folk fishing gear, views of ospreys and trawlers catching fish, a sunfish auction and the serving of Jinsha huge-cauldron eight delicacies were among the activities for the 1,000 people at the fish feast.

At the festival, a huge cauldron, four meters in diameter, was placed at the center of a square, in which eight kinds of local delicacies, including crab, snails, giant river prawn, crayfish, water caltrop and peanuts, also known as “Jinsha eight delicacies”, were cooked. At the lunch, named “Thousand People Fish Feast” for tourists and local residents, many other local aquatic products, including mussels, sagittaria sagittifolia (arrowhead flowering plant), mud eel, spadefish, silver carp and bream, were served.

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