‘Pink embankment’ appears in Jiangxinzhou Islet
2017-10-17 16:58:00

According to Jiangsu media reports, on Oct 16th, many people discovered a “pink cloud” on the West Bank of Jiangxinzhou Islet in Nanjing. The “cloud”, floating with the autumn wind, was really a pink patch of plants dressing up the embankment like a scene from a dream. By the end of the week, there was a new popular attraction in Jiangsu.

Last year, this embankment was constructed as a part of the Jiangxinzhou Islet Park, but beginning in April, patches of Muhlenbergia capillarisafter, a pink hedge-like plant, were put in the ground. During October, the plants begin to change color, creating a charming pink mist under the sunlight.

The Muhlenbergia capillarisafter, also called Muhlenbergia japonica Steud, is a warm season perennial herbaceous plant. Its flowering phase generally lasts from November to September, and October is the best time to enjoy its colors.

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