Grand Canal cultural tour kicks off in Jiangsu
2017-09-27 17:26:00

A charitable event featuring the Grand Canal culture of Jiangsu was launched in the Fuchai Square of Guhangou in Yangzhou on the morning of Sept 25.

The Grand Canal in Jiangsu is 690 km long and it flows past Xuzhou, Suqian, Huai'an, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou. A total of seven heritage areas and 28 heritage points were included in the world cultural heritage list. Jiangsu has the longest watercourse of the Grand Canal in China. It also has the largest number of cultural relics. These cultural relics are well-preserved and have the highest utilization rate. In the next few days, the team will start from Yangzhou, and then go to Wuxi, Huai'an, Suqian and other canal cities to visit and report the practices and experience of canal city in the canal protection and inheritance.

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