Changshu holds festivals on Jiangnan culture and Shajiabang tourism
2017-09-27 10:25:00

The 2017 Changshu Jiangnan Cultural Festival and Shajiabang Tourism Festival were unveiled in Changshu, East China’s Jiangsu province, on Monday afternoon. During the festivals, many cultural activities were held, including some that were offered at affordable prices, such as 10 yuan ($1.50) films at cinemas in Changshu's urban and rural areas .

In addition, the cultural and tourism festivals, with the theme of “Carrying Forward the Jiangnan (South of the Yangtze River) Culture and Building the Well-known Leisure City”, will launch a series of activities. These will include the 10th China Tourism and TV Week, a press conference on promoting study-tour product brands in Changshu and the 6th Art Festival on the Guqin, a traditional Chinese seven-stringed plucked instrument.

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