Sino-Japan Jiangsu tourism month kicks off in Nantong
2017-09-13 17:00:00

A Shenzhen Airline flight, carrying 95 Japanese tourists, departed the Kansai Airport, Japan, at 9 pm on Sept 10. The plane safely landed at the Nantong Xingdong Airport after flying for more than an hour.

The arrival of the first Japanese travel charter flight marks the official beginning of the Sino-Japan Jiangsu Tourism Month. The tourism event was organized by the Jiangsu Tourism Bureau and the Office of China National Tourism Administration in Japan, and was hosted by the Japan International Tourism Promotion Committee.

The theme of Sino-Japan Jiangsu Tourism Month was “Cities along the Yangtze River”, and the event will run until the end of October. The event is expected to attract up to 10,000 Japanese tourists to visit cities along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province. Some of the tourist groups will attend theme exchange activities in Nanjing, Nantong, Suzhou and Yangzhou.


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