Cross-Strait lantern festival to be held in Zhouzhuang
2017-09-06 16:39:00


Colored lantern decoration projects were underway throughout ancient Zhouzhuang town in Kunshan city, Jiangsu province on the afternoon of Sept 4. The lanterns, set to be completed soon, are scheduled to be lit up for the upcoming 2017 Cross-Strait (Kunshan) Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival in Zhouzhuang on Sept 20.

Guests from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan as well as foreigners will be invited to enjoy the vibrant cross-Straits friendship display during the festival. The theme this year is “Peoples on both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to one family," to be observed in the historical and cultural center of Zhouzhuang. The one-month lantern festival is scheduled to close on Oct 20. After that, about 40 percent of the lanterns will be kept in their original places to become new night landscapes in Zhouzhuang.

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