Surprise romantic confession on air
2017-08-30 16:21:00

Passengers boarding China Eastern Airlines’s MU2888 Shenzhen - Nanjing flight witnessed a captain’s surprise confession to his wife on August 28.

Captain Jing Yunfei and his wife are both from Nanjing. They got married three years ago and have a lovely baby boy. Jing’s wife is studying in Hong Kong and she flew to Nanjing to celebrate the Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day on Aug 28.

Jing applied for flying the flight that her wife took in advance. His routine that day was Beijing-Nanjing-Shenzhen-Nanjing, so he bought flowers in Beijing and brought it all the way to Shenzhen.

Jing said that this is the first time his wife boards the plane that he flies. While waiting for the passengers to board the plane, Jing read out the love confession through the broadcasting system.

Jing is very busy and sometimes would not have time to go home for several days in a row. However, his wife never complains about this and made much sacrifice. Jing noticed that his wife wanted to continue education this year and encouraged her to do so.

"I am not particularly good at expressing my feelings and this kind of opportunity may come only once in a lifetime. I hope she likes this surprise," said the captain.

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