“Made in Jiangyin” garments catch eyes
2017-08-28 16:34:00

“It’s incredible that wool fabric could have the texture of silk!” said Nihad, a NUAA student from Bangladesh, while visiting a textile enterprise in Jiangyin, Aug 26.

Nihad and some 20 foreigners studying or working in Nanjing took a two-day trip to Jiangyin during the weekend, as part of the “Foreigner’s View of Jiangsu” series activities.

Textile industry is one of the advantageous industries of Jiangyin, boasting a full range of products, a complete industrial chain, powerful production capacity, highly competitive brands and a number of leading companies.

The group visited Jiangsu Sunshine Group. As the world's largest woolen textile manufacturer, Jiangsu Sunshine Group has grown into a high-grade apparel production base.

With unremitting efforts in upgrading fabric science, Sunshine has improved its wool textile techniques, which could make the wool as thin and soft as silk, while still keeping its advantages in heat preservation and air permeability.

The soft texture and trendy style of the garments at Sunshine Group’s exhibition hall caught much attention from the foreign friends.

For Anastasia from Russia, it was the first time that she visited a textile company. “It is important that people have to know what kind of fabric they are wearing, how they are made and whether they are environmental friendly.”

A 3D tailor system also drew many “fans”. After pressing a few buttons and seconds of scanning, one’s figure data would appear on the screen.

Omar from Iraq tried the 3D tailor, and especially took a notice of his figure data, with which he bought a T-shirt in the flagship store of Heilan Group, another Jiangyin-based garment enterprise among China’s top 500 enterprises.

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