Int’l students fascinated by delicacy in Yangzhou
2017-08-09 16:39:00

A group of six foreign undergraduates from AIESEC started to travel around Yangzhou on August 1, in a bid to experience the scenery and view the lives of those who live in the area.

As part of their trip, they paired with families in the Leitang community of Pingshan country, and visited these families to experience the lives lived by those in Yangzhou.

Fady, from Egypt, said communities in Yangzhou were well designed, offering rich recreational and sports activities for the happy residents.

“Children in the communities are curious about foreign culture and eager to learn,” Fady said.

Stass, from Russia, was enthusiastic about the trip and people who lived in Yangzhou. He said the people of Yangzhou were friendly, and took part in community activities, with many residents regularly asking to take photos with him.

The six foreign undergraduates were from across four countries. Their dietary habits were different from one another, but they all expressed it was good to eat in Yangzhou.

Joan, from Egypt, said the three-dice buns of Yangzhou were delicious. Victoria, who was full of praise for the cooks, said cooking the vegetables varied in Yangzhou, and braised eggplant and bowel of cowpea was the most delicious dish.

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