Huaiyang cuisine to be served on China Eastern flights
2017-08-08 17:02:00

Beginning next month, authentic Huaiyang cuisine will be served on flights from Nanjing to Beijing and from Nanjing to Kunming on China Eastern Airlines, Jiangsu Company of China Eastern Airlines said Monday.

Dishes such as stewed large meatballs in soy sauce, braised pork in brown sauce, Jinling large-bowl noodles and wonton with spicy oil will be available, allowing passengers to enjoy Huaiyang-style meals on flights.

Zhang Xujin, manager of the Production Department of Jiangsu Eastern Airlines Catering Co., said that to ensure small spicy oil wonton’s good taste, its soup and wonton are separately packed and will be mixed by passengers before eating. This meal was served on Flight MU2759 from Nanjing to Zhengzhou on Friday, wining passengers' unanimous acclaim, Zhang said.

Jiangsu Company of China Eastern Airlines has started serving Huaiyang-style and Nanjing-featured meals on its flights, including Jinling boiled salted duck, Jiangsu-style barbecued pork, Jinling assorted vegetables, Artemisia selengensis mixed with smoked bean curd, stewed meatballs and Wuxi braised spare ribs in brown sauce.

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