Int'l friends experience life along river bank in Wuxi
2017-06-10 10:48:00

34 international friends from over 20 countries, who study or work in Nanjing and Wuxi took a two-day trip to experience the life along the river bank in Liangxi district of Wuxi on June 9.

As a part of the "foreigners' view of Jiangsu", the two-day journey is to help the international friends to find the charm of Liangxi through visits along the Grand Canal, Huishan ancient town and the ancient Donglin Academy.

In the launching ceremony on the morning of June 10, Jacob from New Zealand, who now works as a teacher in a university in Nanjing, said that there are not as many old towns or cities in New Zealand as in Nanjing or Wuxi, and China is not only about the buildings but the people here. "I'm expecting to find more about Wuxi from this trip."


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