Guishan: The only traditional village in Hongze Lake district of Huai’an
2017-05-19 16:58:00

Located about 10 kilometers south of Laozishan Town, Guishan (meaning tortoise mountain) village is home to 178 households with a total population of 800. It boasts a land area and water surface of 20 hectares and 307 hectares respectively. It was listed in the third batch of Chinese traditional villages in 2014 and is the only one in Hongze-Lake district of Huai’an city.

Guishan was given its name because it looks tortoise-shaped from the air. Those who are at the southern foot of the mountainous village can see many cultural relics along the ancient Huaihe River, including the Imperial Wharf, the Bainiu Pond, the Wuzhiqi (a water god in Huaihe River) Well, the Huaidu Temple, the Huaidu Monument and the relocated Anhuai Temple’s monument. It was rated as a provincial-level civilized village in Jiangsu province in 2016.


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