Early spring flowers revitalize idyllic village
2017-03-16 09:43:00

Shushan, a beautiful village hidden in Suzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (SND), is a wonderful place to explore idyllic landscapes and traditional customs.

The village has gained its fame for enviable mountain scenery, local hot springs, delectable tea, and its pear trees that sprawl across 1.07 million square meters. It is for these trees that Shushan village is best known and the string of pear blossom festival events attract numerous visitors every year.

Shushan, a countryside village that sits at the foot of the mountains, is a glorious place to observe nature in the early hours of the morning. Here the sun sets the budding pear trees ablaze with white and yellow. [Photo/Wechat: suzhouvisit]

Source:english.suzhou.gov.cn Editor:Hiram