Two places to admire plum blossoms in Suzhou
2017-01-06 13:49:00

Suzhou's traditional gardens are often frequented by tourists in winter to appreciate wintersweet, a flower referred to as one of "Three Friends of Winter" by Chinese people for its ability to endure the cold of winter.

Suzhou also boasts vast expanses of breathtaking plum blossoms in its suburbs.

Two places to admire plum blossoms in Suzhou

Plum trees awake Suzhou’s winter with a few blooming flowers. [Photo/]

Linwu Mountain at Xishan Island

Suzhou's Xishan Island began to plant plum trees in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), and now it offers the treat on plum blossoms every year. Centered with Linwu Mountain, the island boasts a forest of plum trees stretching 233.33 hectares (5,000 mu), a famous site for plum appreciation nationwide.

When plum blossoms are in bloom, visitors can not only appreciate different varieties of plum blossoms, but can also join in a lucky draw using their entrance tickets.

Tel: 0512-66379380

Ticket: 50 yuan ($7.2) each

Public Transportation: Bus No. 583, 69, 691, and then get off at Linwu Cave Station Editor:Hiram