Tour in Jiangsu

The 2017 Yangtze River Jinshan Lantern Gala will be held at Jianyuan Square of Xijin Ferry on the evening of January 23 , according to Zhenjiang government announced at the press conference on the afternoon of Jan 11.[Detail]
“ The fitness square in our village is built according to the standard of small parks , at which there are various kinds of facilities including fitness equipment and plastic tracks , " said Li Xiaoying .[Detail]
Suzhou's traditional gardens are often frequented by tourists in winter to appreciate wintersweet, a flower referred to as one of "Three Friends of Winter" by Chinese people for its ability to endure the cold of winter.[Detail]
Huai ' an stood out from 32 applicant cities nationwide , and was officially approved to build itself into a " National Model City for Good Quality " a few days ago.[Detail]
To celebrate the New Year holidays , over 300 - year-old Qianhua ancient village in Jurong city of Jiangsu province held a temple fair in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties over 100 years ago .[Detail]
It is reported by the media on Dec 14 that the experts have discussed and approved the conservation planning for historcial and cultural ancient town Xue Yan town in Changzhou .[Detail]
Performers of Nanjing baiju, a kind of traditional local narrative singing with a history of more than 700 years. [Detail]
The Oriental Salt Lake Resort in Jintan, Jiangsu province, looks a little like Zhejiang's touristy Wuzhen, but with a regal and religious touch. Yang Feiyue reports. Yang Feiyue It was like time travel when we set foot at the Oriental Salt Lake Resort.[Detail]
About 2 million overseas travelers visited Jiangsu last year and 1.5 million of them came to Suzhou , the most among all cities in the province , according to a report released by the tourism department .[Detail]
The Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Resort plays an important role in improving the environment of Suzhou Industrial Park . A lavender park and the Huayi Brothers Theme Park are currently under construction in the resort and will open to the public early next year .[Detail]
Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo welcomed the first new born baby chimpanzee on Nov.15.[Detail]
After days of rain and cold weather, the maple leaves on Nanjing’s Qixia Mountain are turning red. During the past weekend, the scenic area has seen the first tour peak in this year’s maple season, with over 60,000 visitors.[Detail]
The new hall sets up the exhibition area where tourists may watch birds from zero distance, bringing new experience to tourists. [Detail]
In addition to visiting the traditional scenic spots in Zhouzhuang, you can also discover some of the water town's hidden charms for yourself. It is possible to see the best of the area in just 24 hours. [Detail]
Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons , a live-action performance that depicts the everyday life of the water town ' s residents , was recently ranked by Suzhou Tourism Bureau as one of the top amusements for night tours in Suzhou .[Detail]