Tour in Jiangsu

Clusters of plum blossoms form a unique and beautiful landscape in the Xiangshan Scenic Area of Zhangjiagang , Jiangsu province .[Detail]
If you are visiting Jiangsu province during the Chinese New Year holiday, look out for these eight must-see traditions to get the full, authentic Zhouzhuang experience![Detail]
Aerial photo taken on Feb. 5, 2017 shows plum blossoms blooming at the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province.[Detail]
Top 10 ways to experience a different Suzhou[Detail]
Suzhou received 2.87 million visitors during the Spring Festival holiday in the past seven days and earned 3.5 billion yuan (US$511 million) in tourism revenue, officials said on Feb 3, 2017.[Detail]
The China Imperial Examination Museum in Nanjing was opened officially on the first day of the Lunar New Year on Jan 28.[Detail]
Qifeng Shiguan, a building of the Qing Dynasty, lost its original look due to early constructions. Fortunately, the restoration project of the building already started in the second half of 2016.[Detail]
As the biggest temple in the area at the time, Sanfeng Temple once enjoyed equal fame with Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou and Tiantong Temple in Ningbo.[Detail]
Suzhou , a city of antiquities and vitality , has a spectacular variety of events throughout its districts with Chinese New Year fast approaching .[Detail]
Heaven on Earth. Venice of the Orient. China's Eden. Land of fish and rice. Suzhou, indeed, lives up to its multiple monikers. Nine of the city's over 200 classical gardens are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list-for good reason.[Detail]
Humble Administrator Garden's proud legacy
Humble Administrator Garden, the largest garden in the garden city of Suzhou.[Detail]
concert hall.jpg
The Xijin concert hall in Zhenjiang has completed its construction totally by the end of 2016 and will hold a New Year concert in Jan 21.[Detail]
The 2017 Yangtze River Jinshan Lantern Gala will be held at Jianyuan Square of Xijin Ferry on the evening of January 23 , according to Zhenjiang government announced at the press conference on the afternoon of Jan 11.[Detail]
“ The fitness square in our village is built according to the standard of small parks , at which there are various kinds of facilities including fitness equipment and plastic tracks , " said Li Xiaoying .[Detail]
Suzhou's traditional gardens are often frequented by tourists in winter to appreciate wintersweet, a flower referred to as one of "Three Friends of Winter" by Chinese people for its ability to endure the cold of winter.[Detail]