Yangzhong’s pufferfish products expand reach across country
2019-01-03 17:13:00

On the morning of December 30, Chen Xiaolan was busy working in the open production workshop of Jiangsu Tundao Food Co., Ltd. in Yangzhong City. Chen put the dough and fillings made using pufferfish into a device, which then churned out one stuffed bun every two seconds.

Xu Jie, head of the workshop, said the company has developed four types of pufferfish products in seven flavors after deep-processing, including buns and dumplings.

The company sell its products in major cities all through the country thanks to the strategic cooperation with sales and logistics platforms, such as shopping mall, supermarket and SF Express.

Authorized by the state authorities, the company is the only one in Yangzhong to market its products under the registered pufferfish brand. The fish, Takifugu rubripes, a pufferfish in the genus Takifugu, is safe to eat.

Yangzhong is famous for a delicacy cooked with pufferfish and a kind of Bur clover. But the traditional cooking method makes the delicacy difficult to preserve and transport.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Cassie