Huai'an Party chief sheds light on the city's high-quality development
2018-10-11 14:44:00

Chinese President Xi Jinping once noted that the sound development of Huai’an, the hometown of former premier Zhou Enlai, has symbolic meanings.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua Daily editor-in-chief Shuang Chuanxue, secretary of the CPC Huai'an Committee Yao Xiaodong expressed his understanding of President Xi’s message and emphasizes that efforts will be made to emancipate the mind, promote Huai’an’s growth at a higher level and competition in a broader field, enable the city to contribute more to Jiangsu’s development and give full play to the symbolic meanings.

Q: How does Huai'an seek a high-quality development in implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era?

A: Huai'an has taken well-targeted measures from two perspectives. On one hand, in line with indicators in monitoring and assessment systems for high-quality growth, Huai’an has made efforts to discover its own shortcomings and problems in reality. On the other hand, every city leader has led certain research topics and made field studies before holding discussions. The whole city has formed a consensus on realizing high-quality development and concentrated on removing all ideological obstacles and institutional barriers that restrict development. Now we are no longer discussing a problem and we’re starting to solve the problem.

Q: How does Huai'an develop new technologies, industries and approaches to improve its economic level?

A: High-quality development requires new and lasting driving forces. The convergence of factors for innovation also needs platforms. The government's responsibility is to build these platforms and create more and better mechanisms. Now Huai’an is focusing on sectors including new generation information technology, new energy vehicles and parts, attapulgite clay and the food industry while attracting local talents to return and offering lasting development momentum to the city.

Q: How does Huai'an transform ecological advantages into development advantages so that ordinary people can share the dividends of green development?

A: Huai'an can make a difference by relying on resources such as the Jianghuai Ecological Economic Zone, the Huaihe River Ecological Economic Belt, the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, and the Air Cargo Hub. Through hard work, the Jianghuai Ecological Economic Zone can be developed into the province's ecological and economic powerhouse.

Q: In implementing the rural revitalization strategy, what innovative measures has Huai'an City taken to ensure the quality of people's lives?

A: For urban residents, we focus on improving employment and the ability to create wealth. Huai'an's urban registered unemployment rate is now below 2 percent. For rural residents, we increase farmer's income through land transfers. Efforts are made to optimize village settlements and improve public services so it will be equally convenient living in the countryside or in the city. Editor:Dylan