China-made super large diameter shield machine ready for Indonesia
2018-10-08 14:17:00

The Tianhe Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Changshu has successfully manufactured China's first self-developed super-large-diameter slurry pressure balanced shield machine for overseas high-speed railway project.

The shield machine will be used in the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project, which connects Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta to Bandung, the fourth largest city in Indonesia.

The project serves as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and is a demonstration project to promote the overseas expansion of China’s high-speed rail industry.

The shield machine cutter used in this project has a diameter of 13.19 meters, a length of about 101 meters and a weight of more than 2,600 tons.

The successful launch of the shield machine marks the entry of China-made super-large-diameter slurry pressure balanced shield machine into the overseas market, which used to be dominated by manufacturers from developed countries. Editor:Dylan