13 Huai’an companies to join ‘high-growth’ competition
2018-09-20 17:06:00

Huai'an City has selected 13 companies to take part in the “High-growth High-tech Enterprises” competition in Jiangsu Province.

The provincial competition is jointly organized by the Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Association and the Jiangsu Productivity Promotion Center in collaboration with several financial institutions. The purpose is to further guide financial institutions to support S&T enterprises and promote the development of strategic emerging industries in Jiangsu.

The 13 winning companies in Huai’an include Huai’an Zongheng Bio-Tech, Jiangsu Nepes Semiconductor, Huai’an IR Technology, and Jiangsu Hotec New Material Technology.

During the selection, the 13 companies introduced their development, product advantages, technological innovations, and business models.

Jiangsu aims to select 100 companies to receive the “High-growth High-tech Enterprises” award. The winners have the opportunity to win preferential financial policies such as a maximum credit loan of 40 million yuan from the bank.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Dylan