Jiangsu to accelerate technology transfer with 13 key tasks
2018-09-12 17:42:00


Jiangsu has recently rolled out the specific plan to push forward integration of S&T and industry with 13 key tasks in four aspects listed as the province strives to build a modern industrial system, enhance innovation, and advance high-quality development.

According to the plan, Jiangsu will focus on innovation in the industrial chain, actively meet the country’s strategic needs, and develop laboratories, major S&T infrastructure and innovation centers of the national importance.

Firstly, Jiangsu will optimize the layout of S&T resources and coordinate the building of 22 key innovation platforms for fields including smart grid, photovoltaic sector and engineering machinery. Secondly, the province will initiate projects about innovation in forward-looking industrial technology and transferring of major S&T achievements, with a key goal of making technological breakthroughs, and also develop 10 industrial clusters with strong innovation capabilities and competitiveness.

Meanwhile, Jiangsu will actively play the role of the high-tech zones to create clusters of frontier and emerging industries, such as the future Internet, Internet of Things, nanotechnology, robotics, and graphene. As the experimental field of reforms and the innovative source, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute will build a number of professional research institutes and jointly develop industrial parks for research and development.

Jiangsu will support enterprises to build high-level R&D institutions, increase the assistance to high-tech companies, and expand the policy –allowing the proportion of the weighted pre-tax deduction of R&D expenses at 75 percent -to all firms.

Jiangsu will also promote the development of the provincial technology property rights trading market, support the establishment of technology transfer centers in colleges and universities, build international technology transfer service agencies, and improve the technology transfer network at provincial, municipal and county levels. Jiangsu will integrate the technology transfer information servicesand develop 100 technology transfer institutions by 2020.

The province will strengthen intellectual property protection and operation services, offer suggestions and early warnings in patent issues, establish an international dispute center for intellectual property rights, and launch intellectual property public service platforms, such as the International Intellectual Property Rights Operation and Trading Center.

According to the plan, Jiangsu will make global efforts in introducing and cultivating industry leaders through attracting teams, core talents, and high-tech projects. The province plans to develop itself into a talent stronghold with high-caliber professionals and industry leaders to meet the urgent needs.

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