Huaian rolls out 58 preferential policies for Taiwan
2018-07-27 16:48:00

The Huaian Municipal Government released a set of 58 measures to facilitate economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan, aiming to attract more Cross-Straits industrial cooperation projects and lead the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded enterprises.

Huaian is a city where a cluster of Taiwan-funded firms prefer to settle down in the north Yangtze River region. Compared with its counterparts in the province, it is also the first in implementing the country’s preferential 31 policies for Taiwan released this February. The city’s 58 preferential policies have covered measures in facilitating economic and trade cooperation with Taiwan, helping the entrepreneurship of the Taiwan compatriots, attracting more talents from Taiwan, and deepening exchanges between the city and the island. They are aimed at providing quality environment and preferential conditions for Taiwan businessman and compatriots to come to Huaian for entrepreneurship or work. For instance, the policies stipulate that Taiwan-funded firms enjoy a level playing ground with their mainland counterparts in participating in infrastructure construction, government procurement, and the reform of mix ownership on state-funded business. Five to ten million yuan ($746,000 to 1.49 million) will be rewarded to new Taiwan-funded financial institutions that decides to settle their headquarter or a branch in Huaian. Taiwan companies who buy houses in Huaian will enjoy a subsidy up to 5 percent of the total price of their house. Those who choose to rent business occupancy can also enjoy an annual subsidy up to 5 percent of the yearly rent within five years. For Taiwan talents meeting certain criteria, they can enjoy the same kind of welfare in house-buying subsidy, talent apartment application, rent subsidy, healthcare, and so on. In addition, the municipal government sets up a special fund to support the social and cultural exchanges, youth and grass root people-to-people exchanges between Huaian and Taiwan.


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