Jiangsu accounts for 70 percent of China's offshore wind power
2018-07-12 16:45:00

As the wind turbines at the H2 offshore wind power project in the northern Yellow Sea area of Binhai County began generating electricity, the grid-connected installed offshore wind capacity exceeded two million kilowatts in Jiangsu province, which accounts for nearly 70 percent of the country's total and keeps taking the national lead, according to Jiangsu media on July 12.

Jiangsu is home to China’s only offshore wind farm at the scale of over 10 million kilowatts. The province has decided to accomplish offshore wind capacity at 3.5 million kilowatts by 2020, with the capacity under construction and the overall approved capacity reaching 4.5 million kilowatts and six million kilowatts respectively.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Dylan