Over 200 attend technology transfer meeting in Suzhou
2018-06-14 16:16:00

The 2018 China (Suzhou) Cross-border Technology Transfer Convention opened on June 13, attracting more than 200 Chinese and foreign guests to discuss technological cooperation in the city.

The conference will display outstanding projects through various activities, expand international scientific and technological cooperation channels, and promote the in-depth innovation cooperation between international resources and Suzhou enterprises.

In recent years, Suzhou has been actively carrying out scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges with internationally renowned universities and research institutes. The city is now home to the Suzhou Research Institute of the National University of Singapore, Suzhou Industrial Park University of California, Los Angeles-Institute for Technology Advancement, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) China Branch, to name a few of the city’s 26 international scientific and technological cooperation platforms.

In addition, Suzhou also has a number of technology transfer agencies of leading universities, such as Oxford University and Nanyang Technological University. Relying on these platforms and agencies, Suzhou aims to transfer the technology and achievements of the well-known foreign universities and research institutes into the city in efficient manners.

At this international conference, 120 outstanding projects were presented for seeking cooperation in Suzhou, and they mainly focused on biomedicine and medical equipment, equipment manufacturing and intelligent production, and information and digitization.

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