Pfizer’s new Suzhou factory in operation
2018-06-13 16:31:00

Pfizer’s new plant in Suzhou, with an investment of nearly $100 million, went into production on June 12.

The new factory, the first in the global pharmaceutical industry to receive the LEED-NC certification at the International Green Building Conference, is expected to increase production capacity by 3.8 billion tablets per year.

As the world's leading biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer is one of the world's largest drug makers. Established in 1991, Pfizer Suzhou Pharmaceutical Plant is one of the pharmaceutical company’s major supply bases in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to satisfying the requirements of the Chinese market, the products are also exported to 12 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America. Pfizer’s new Suzhou factory is located in the Wusongjiang Science and Technology Industrial Park in Wuzhong District and occupies an area of approximately 70 mu (4.7 hectares).

The new plant is built with localized environment-friendly materials and meets LEED standards in its design. Meanwhile, the plant has recently won the 2018 ISPE Facility of the Year Category Winner for Sustainability.

The biopharmaceutical and pan-health industries are of the leading industries in Wuzhong District, which achieved an industrial output value of 8.41 billion yuan in 2017.

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