Nanjing to host top interdisciplinary AI summit
2018-06-08 16:43:00

Interdisciplinary AI Summit 2018, the highest-level meeting for cross-discipline artificial intelligence in China, will open in Nanjing City on June 20, when leading AI experts will discuss fundamental studies, industry innovation trends, new models of innovation-driven development, and China's new role in global information and technology innovation, among other topics.

Three Turing Award winners, Yao Qizhi, John E. Hopcroft and Adi Shamir will give speeches at the summit and share cutting-edge technology and information on current global AI developments.

Since September 2017, the government of Qixia District of Nanjing has kept in contact with Yao Qizhi and his team, maintaining cooperation in AI applications. The signing and opening ceremony for the Turing AI Research Institution will also be held in Nanjing on April 20.

The research institute will set up five AI platforms, with nine industrial projects under business incubation in the first batch.

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