Returned students give technical boost to rural revitalization
2018-04-10 17:28:00

In recent years, Wuxi has seen more students returned from overseas education to engage in the agricultural industry, bringing up new changes into the agricultural production and sales with their business nous.

Five years ago, during his study in the U.K., Zhu Yiming happened to find that Chinese green tea tasted somewhat bitter to westerners, which made it hardly popular in Europe. In 2013, he returned after completing the academic study and succeeded his father to run the tea plantation. “Exploring the new market means giving up the old, rough ways of tea cultivation and production, adopting the refined management and improving the quality,” said Zhu.

Zhu has invited experts to set up technical regulations regarding the use of water, fertilizer and soil reclamation, introduced new varieties with better taste, reduced the bitterness in green tea through process innovation, and sold the products well in the U.K, and France.

Cui Jingbin, who finished his study in Japan in 2016, and his business partners shared a similar story in rural revitalization. They started by growing 200 mu (13.3 hectares) of rice in Huaxi Village, and the rice product was sold out soon.

“The over-concentration on output quantity in the past and rough cultivation methods have led to a shortage of high-quality rice and soil fertility depletion. But the use of natural farming and intensive cultivation not only increase profits but also protect the environment, “ Cui said.

Cui also said the application of technology can make a great difference to traditional agriculture. While setting to increase the growing area to 7,000 mu in Huaxi Village in three years, Cui also plans to promote the cultivation model in Hubei Province and other regions this year.

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