Huaian kicks off merchants summit, vows pro-business policy
2018-04-08 17:34:00

Nearly 300 people, including directors of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce and Huaian Chamber of Commerce from various regions, leading Jiangsu business leaders and overseas Huaian entrepreneurs gathered for the 5th Huaian Merchants Summit on April 7, exchanging ideas on rural rejuvenation and shared dreams.

Yao Xiaodong, Party Chief of Huaian, briefed the guests about the city’s development of private economy in recent years. He said private economy, as the most dynamic entity in the market economy, has provided strategic support to Huaian’s economic transformation and upgrading.

In recent years, business leaders of Huaian native have inherited the entrepreneurship spirit, made new legendary progress, exemplified Huaian people’s ambitions and aspirations, and contributed significantly to the hometown’s growth and achievement. Yao also said the CPC Huaian Committee and Huaian Government will, as always, hold fast to pro-business ideas – be friend with business people, guarantee safety and ensure profits, striving to offer the best business environment and the best services in order to let every entrepreneur to feel reassuring, comfortable and satisfactory.

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