Overseas startups flock to Jiangbei Mini Silicon Valley
2018-04-08 16:20:00

At 10:30am on April 3, Alexander Pahllet from Sweden arrived at the Sino-European Mini Silicon Valley Innovation Center in the Jiangbei New District of Nanjing to brainstorm with his project manager Chen Qian.

The center was jointly created by the Yangzi Group and the Swedish WINNOC Group. "Mini-Silicon Valley first originated in London. It is not about the scale but the concentration of industrial cluster," said Liu Yiyuan, assistant to the president of Mini Silicon Valley Innovation Group. At present, the park aims at five major development directions: medical and health, elderly care, life science and technology, culture and education, and smart cities. It is committed to bringing in small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and other countries, as well as topnotch talents from world’s famous universities.

Alexander Pahlett is the Operations Director of Elements Global from Sweden. The company has brought in six innovative technologies to settle in the park. "We only need to bring technologies here, and the park will provide financial support, manpower and marketing support. This model is very convenient for us."

Another 29 European start-up teams have been attracted to the park, which has a service team of over 50 people including three foreigners and 15 returned Chinese students. They provide different languages services, such as English, French and Arabic, ensuring the smooth and efficient communication between the entrepreneurs and the operating team.

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