Branding gives agriculture a makeover
2018-03-15 16:05:00


Xuyi Longxia (Xuyi Crayfish) (Photo/VCG)

At the end of December 2017, four trademarks with geographical indications including Jinhu Guiyu (Jinhu Lake mandarin fish) were approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, bringing the number of such trademarks in Huaian to reach 120.

“To develop modern agriculture, Huaian has to take a brand-building path, transform and upgrade the industry to improve quality and efficiency,” said Yao Xiaodong, Party chief of Huaian. Only by turning Huaian’s advantages of resources into strengths in industry and brands, can the city fully release its economic potential in agriculture and grow from a big agricultural city to a strong one.

Huaian has always been a major producer of rice. However, due to lack of brand awareness, the industry has long suffered from limited enterprise scale, scattered industrial distribution and poor competitiveness. To strengthen brand-building efforts, the city adopts good quality seeds of the same species and standardize the process of planting, harvesting, storage, quality, packaging and advertisement. Now the area of high quality rice base in Huaian has increased by 2.4 million mu(about 160,000 ha) and the total production has reached more than 700,000 tons.

Brands bring profits. For example, Xuyi County has held the Xuyi International Crayfish Festival for 17 years. Now the brand “Xuyi Longxia (Xuyi Crayfish)” values 16.99 billion yuan (about $2.69 billion). The industry takes an area up to 200,000 mu(about 13,333 ha) for breeding crayfish and creates jobs for 200,000 people throughout the year.

In addition, more and more family farms embrace the “farm plus tourism” development model in Hongze District. The branding campaign has not only changed the appearance of agricultural products, but also the looks of rural areas.

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