Huaian now home to important chip design, manufacturing firm
2018-03-13 15:57:00

Construction on the main buildings for the first phase of Huaian Imaging Device Manufacturer Corp. (HIDM) was completed in Huaian’s High-tech Zone, Mar. 7.

HIDM specializes in the design and manufacture of CMOS image sensor devices, with its business activities also spanning the entire industry chain. While CMOS chips have wide applications and great potential, China has been essentially relying on imports for high-end chips. HIDM aims to break the monopoly of foreign companies and promote the development of China’s integrated image sensor chips.

Favorable policies to attract investment and great government service, as well as the unique geographic location, formed a strong appeal for HIDM to locate in the zone. With the organization and coordination of Huaian authorities, the HIDM project was able to realize three fasts -- fast approval, fast construction and fast completion.

Even more important is the aggregation effect in the semiconductor industry. The settlement of the important HIDM project in Huaian will attract more companies upstream and downstream to gather in the city and build a large industry chain. Huaian is expected to welcome the birth of a large cluster of semiconductor industries, with a market size of hundreds of billions of yuan, certainly fueling the economic rise of Huaian.

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