Huaian has three more foreign expert workshops
2018-02-01 15:31:00

News came from Huaian Personnel Bureau on Jan. 31 that three workshops from Huaiyin Normal University and Huaian Imaging Device Manufacturer Corporation (HiDM) made into the list of provincial workshops of foreign experts.

By now, there are 13 foreign expert workshops of municipal level in Huaian, and another five of provincial level.

After more than a year’s development, the foreign expert workshops in Huaian have gained certain scale, and have developed into a platform where foreign experts cooperate with local institutions to transform research into products.

In 2017, 23 foreign talents who have master’s degree and above were introduced to Huaiyin Normal University and HiDM, covering a variety of areas including modern agriculture, equipment manufacturing, bio-medicine, new material and so on.

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