Winter training camp held in Huaian for youths across strait
2018-01-25 11:19:00

A winter training camp on entrepreneurship for youths across the strait kicked off in Huaian, Jan. 24.

More than 70 students and teachers from Huaiyin Institute of Technology and Chung Hua University of Taiwan are to explore the history of Huaian and the market environment of this modern city.

As Huaian has been attracting investment from Taiwan there years, there are more young people from Taiwan who choose to start their business in Huaian. A number of companies started by youths from Taiwan are booming.

To create a better market environment for entrepreneurship, Huaian has staged a series of favorable policies, facilitating young business starters from Taiwan.

Besides, communication events like training camps were held to enhance mutual exchange between Huaian and Taiwan. Huaian also made the innovation in establishing the nation’s institution for Taiwan businessmen.

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