Huai’an-made dried mushrooms enter US market
2017-12-19 17:34:00

About 300 kilograms of Huai’an-made dried mushrooms recently entered the US market for the first time after passing the inspection and quarantine at the customs, according to Jiangsu media on Dec 19.

As mushrooms are prone to be affected by the environment and their own mechanism during the cultivation process, including the problem of heavy metal content which is always the focus in their export trade, the inspection and quarantine departments in Huai’an, on the one hand, instructed relevant enterprises to control mushrooms’ foreign contamination by strengthening the inspection of raw material, and on the other hand, strictly implement mushrooms’ epidemic prevention and control measures in the inspection and quarantine standard for mushroom export, so as to ensure the exported dried mushroom products comply with the requirements of importing countries.

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