Chinese Topographic Mapping Expo kicks off in Nanjing
2017-11-10 16:19:00

The seventh Chinese Topographic, Mapping and Geoinformation Expo kicked off in Nanjing on Nov 9. Hundreds of high-tech companies have brought their wares to the expo for display.

Shi Zhaoliang, director general of Jiangsu Province Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information Society, said the Beidou agricultural automatic driving system can be used for planting and spraying pesticides, and the range can be controlled precisely to 2.5 cm. Such high-precision and high efficiency agricultural operations can make all crops straight in line while substantially improving the land utilization rate.

A robot with a unique appearance also attracted visitors’ attention. The robot, whose price range is from 200,000 to 300,000 yuan (about $30,000 to 45,000) is dedicated to performing the task of taking photos in the pipeline in the dirty and harsh environment.

The waterway mobile scanning system at the expo can extend airborne remote sensing surveys from land to underwater. It can also carry out topographical analysis of both banks of the river, breaking the limitations of traditional long-range scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles. The system can also analyze broken stones, landslides and even simulate changes in the water level and quickly detect any potential safety risks.

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