Jiangsu hosts first intellectual property auction
2017-11-10 16:05:00

The first intellectual property auction in Jiangsu was jointly hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Jianye District Government on Nov 9.

At the auction, the intellectual property item "Elevator Information Monitoring System and Monitoring Method" started at 60 million yuan (about $9 million) and the final bid was 80 million yuan (about $12 million) by the 20th bidder.

The owner of the intellectual property said their product is a cloud-based "black box" for elevators. In addition to the real-time sensing, recording and monitoring functions of elevator operation, it also has special features including early warning, diagnosis, maintenance coordination and assistance for trapped people. It can reduce the failure and rework rates of the elevator system and improve stability and safety of the elevator.

The auction included seven patents and 10 copyrights involving wireless communications, video decoding, network security, elevator security and other fields.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Dylan