Classic Wuxi brand unveils trendy new look
2017-11-07 14:30:00
Classic Wuxi brand unveils trendy new look

Muguiying Pastry Food attracts consumers by holding online events and offering a more convenient service. [Photo/]

Muguiying Pastry Food, the baked goods store founded in 1958 that has become an institution in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, has undergone a major rebranding to entice a younger generation of pastry fans.

The store has cast off its old-fashioned interior for a simple decor enlivened by Huishan clay figurines and Chinese paintings, which is designed to tell the story of Wuxi's folk culture in a trendy way.

The shopping experience has also been updated for the smartphone age. Customers can now pay for time-honored delicacies like five-color dumplings and yulan cakes using the mobile payment apps Alipay or WeChat Pay.

Classic Wuxi brand unveils trendy new look

The store's traditional pastries are taking on a completely new look. [Photo/]

Muguiying now also offers classes and birthday parties where children can learn how to make traditional Wuxi pastries.

The store has even integrated modern technology into its menu, with the store's chefs creating new creative and colorful pastries to attract the attention of young shoppers.

The development of Muguiying Pastry Food has been nearly sixty years. Only by constant and continuous innovation can the old local brand maintain its competitive advantage and sustainable development in Wuxi. Editor:Nicky