Sesame Street, Kidswant join hands for kids’ future
2017-11-04 12:49:00

A cooperation agreement was nailed between Kidswant, a Chinese retailing magnate for children and families, and Sesame Street, the longest running and one of the most popular educational program in the U.S., at Jinling Hotel in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, on the morning of Nov. 3.

As a leading brand in the field of mother and kid products, Kidswant is transforming from a retailing enterprise to an all-channel provider for children and families. Since 2009, it has been dedicating to providing one-stop service for kids and expectant mothers, and offering educational help for children and new parents. It has yielded some positive results. Up to now, over 15 million Chinese families have benefited from the so-called “all-channel service”.

The strategic transformation happens to echo with the concept of Sesame Street, a New York-based educational institution that uses the power of media to help children grow smarter, stronger and kinder. Sesame Street has a history of nearly 50 years and is aired almost across the whole world, and thus owns the fame of “the longest street in the world”. Stephen M. Youngwood, COO of Sesame Street, was very excited about the cooperation, “We are very focused on finding partners and platforms that connect with kids and families. Bringing us together with content and other things is a perfect way to go forward. ”

Wu Tao, COO of Kidswant, assured their customers and members at the signing ceremony, “It is always our motto to make every childhood better. We will implant the educational mode and experience of Sesame Street and then tailor it for Chinese families with better educational content and high-quality products and service.”

With the advanced educational concepts and mature interactive experience from Sesame Street, plus the giant market share of Kidswant, the cooperation agreement enables both parties to make full play to their advantages and to realize cross-culture sharing and win-win as well.

The whole signing ceremony was part of an SMEs exchange and cooperation seminar between Jiangsu province and New York State, which was co-organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce and New York State SBDC Central Administration.

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