"Photovoltaic tree” attracts attention at Wuxi Int’l New Energy Fair
2017-11-03 16:16:00

The Ninth China (Wuxi) Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition (CREC 2017) was unveiled on Nov 2.

With a theme of “new city, new energy and new life,” CREC 2017 has a lot of exhibits including solar photovoltaic, energy storage, energy grid technologies, new energy vehicles and charging piles. A “photovoltaic tree” at the CREC 2017 has been attracting special attention from visitors.

Although it looks like an ordinary tree at first glance, the “tree” is actually mounted with devices such as solar panels and electric circuits, which makes it into a highly smart photovoltaic system with power generation, decoration and living functions. It can be used not only as a huge umbrella during sunny or rainy days and for leisure and recreational purposes, but also for charging electric vehicles and planting flowers, fruits and vegetables.

"Due to its advantages including decoration, high integration and easy mobility, the ‘photovoltaic tree’ can be used at many locations in various sectors,” said an industry insider. “It is a new technically innovative product with a promising future in the distributed photovoltaic generating sector.”

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Dylan