Wang Nanshi: a 30-year dedication to craftsmanship- Note of deputy of the 19th CPC National Congress
2017-10-20 17:27:00

Excellent Party Member in China, the China Skill Award, Outstanding Technician in China, the national May First Medal — awards, certificates and trophies like these are crowding the cabinet in the office of Wang Nanshi, a special-grade technician in the Assembly and Testing Department of Nanjing Chenguang Group.

The pursuit for perfection is a reflection of craftsmanship. Wang Nanshi is strict with every detail at work and spares no effort to make the best products. Once there is a problem, he solves it by any means necessary, even if that means skipping meals or sleep. Because of his dedication, concentration and rigor, Wang has never made a mistake at work in the last 30-plus years. He is focused on the assembly, testing and commissioning by the production line, has led or participated in the overcoming of more than 30 technical difficulties, and written about 10 technical theses.

Having worked for more than 30 years, Wang Nanshi is reluctant to leave the frontline. He was once promoted to a technical management position, but he asked to be transferred back to the workshop, where he could personally guide the workers to improve production technology. "I follow all arrangements made by the organization," he said.

"Party membership is like a flag. I joined the CPC in 1995, and I've never forgotten that the purpose of the CPC is to serve the people, and I believe a team is always stronger than an individual,” Wang said. “I'm about the age to retire now, and I sincerely hope to use my 30 years of experience to lead and motivate young colleagues to make greater contributions to China's aerospace industry." Having been elected deputy to the 19th CPC National Congress, Wang Nanshi felt the responsibility on his shoulders is even heavier. He hopes to fully play the role of a bridge and an example in democratic supervision and promoting harmony.


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