German IT firm settles in Taicang
2017-09-27 15:22:00

German IT enterprise, proALPHA IT Consulting, set up a branch in Taicang, Jiangsu province on Sept 13, aimed at providing support for intelligent production in China and the rest of Asia.

ProALPHA is the software provider of the third major enterprise resource planning system in German-speaking countries and regions. It enables companies to map, control and optimize their entire value-added chain, from production and financial accounting to product development and customer relationship management.

Friedrich Neumeyer, chief executive officer of proALPHA, said that its clients are spread over 50 countries and are from all industries, including machinery and equipment engineering, auto, electronics, high-tech, and trade.

He added that Taicang is home to most of German manufacturing companies in China and also that the German Center in Taicang is dedicated to providing services for German enterprises that want to settle in the country.

The proALPHA Group plans to make Taicang its headquarters in Asia, with the branch playing an important role in its global strategy.

Its team will serve Chinese and Asian clients in normal working hours and also clients working at night in North America and those working early in the morning in Europe. Author:蒋颖异 Editor:Amanda