NJU professor slakes the world’s thirst
2017-09-19 17:24:00


Professor Zhu Jia of Nanjing University is a member of “The Thousand Talents Plan for Young Professionals”. The young professor was born in the 1980s. Zhu specializes in nano new materials and he came back to China for nano material research after giving up a million-dollar job overseas.

Praised by Science magazine as the one who can "help slake the world’s thirst," Zhu's invention is expected to make breakthroughs in efficient solar desalination.

Zhu Jia introduced that the most attractive point of this technology is that only the sun and water are needed. The water can be basically any water, including sea water, saline water, brackish water or domestic sewage. He can provide very clean drinking water with this new material. After rigorous testing, the water quality meets the World Health Organization and China's drinking water standards.

Zhu’s team has developed a low-cost, foldable and portable water hydration device. As long as there is sunshine, the device can turn sea water and sewage into drinking water anytime and anywhere. Zhu Jia's "efficient solar desalination" technology was successfully put into a purified water desalination production line with the capacity of 500 tons of drinking water daily not long ago.

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