Huai’an promotes 'green husbandry'
2017-07-04 16:32:00

File photo from VCG

Huai’an city has greatly improved the green development of its livestock husbandry by focusing on transformation and upgrading, and insisting on ecological protection, productivity stability and profit increase, according to Jiangsu media on July 4.

The city has built its standardized demonstrative breeding farms. It is now striving to establish three standardized breeding farms complying with the standard of the Ministry of Agriculture. The city will also try to establish 20 livestock ecological and healthy breeding farms based on Jiangsu Provincial standard this year.

Huai'an has also used its local resources and environmental advantages to reasonably plan its livestock breeding scale and gradually guided the transfer of livestock breeding towards its districts and counties with large environmental capacities.

Huai’an Wen’s Husbandry Company has just built a 100,000 set-scale Muscovy duck breeding farm with an annual capacity of 3 million ducklings, filling the blank of no duckling farm in the city.

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