Products to projects, Kunshan expo to see more co-work with Britain
2017-05-18 14:15:00

A mobile cafe exerting scents of coffee aroma – this is not a scene in London, but in China Import Expo (CIE), Kunshan 2017, which kicked off on May 17 in Jiangsu’s Kunshan.

As new-comers to CIE, seven British brands from four companies lead by British Consulate General Shanghai, together with House of Fraser, demonstrated to the visitor what British style is all about.

Most of the exhibiting brands have more than a hundred years’ history, includingHarviestoun craft beer, FULTON umbrella, KENT bristle brush, CORGI cotton products, CLASS CANES, David Charles children’s dress and Tomic vacuum cup. Some of them are long-favored by the British royal family.

Sino-British bilateral trade has been booming in recent years, and China is turning to high and new technologies as well as high value-added products instead of relying on cheap labor, according to John Edwards, consul general for Britain at Shanghai.

“Chinese consumers, especially those in southeast China are giving much more concern to British products for their cutting-edge innovation and reliable quality.”said Mr. Edwards. “Their interest is extending from food and beverages, whiskey for example, to Mummy-and-baby products.”

The year of 2017 marks the 45th anniversary of establishment of ambassadorial-level diplomatic ties between China and Britain. It also sees the blooming of increasing number of new cooperation patterns between companies of the two countries.

As a successful outcome of Sino-British cooperation, House of Fraser, one of Britain’s most renowned department stores with a history of 168 years was merged by China’s Sanpower Group in 2014, and opened its very first Chinese branch in Nanjing.

“The 2017 CIE has offered us a very good chance for us to talk to Chinese consumers and insiders from the industry.”said Paul Burke, COO of House of Fraser China.

Apart from the three-day CIE, more Sino-British cooperation projects in areas like education, medical-care, intelligent manufacturing and life science are expected to settle in Jiangsu.

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