Huai’an supports enterprises to explore int’l markets
2017-04-14 14:31:00

Huai’an municipal government has been actively supporting enterprises to open up international markets and helping them to “go global” since the beginning of this year, reported Jiangsu media on Apr 13.

The government has conducted surveys, policy trainings and seminars to publicize polices and measures for the enterprises and help them solve problems and difficulties.

Specifically, Huai’an municipal government participated in the full course of negotiations and contract signing activities of Huai'an enterprises in the national projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative, and helped enterprises to coordinate with financial institutions in an effort to crack the financing problems and prepare in advance for winning the bid for the African foreign contractor projects.

Leveraging the city’s traditional advantages in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the US, Huai’an plans to further expand markets in Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Uzbekistan, India, Equatorial Guinea, and Bahamas.

The city also strengthened cooperation with State-owned enterprises in overseas projects to expand the channels for "going global".

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