Huai’an makes huge achievements in stock raising over eight years
2017-03-30 17:28:00

Huai’an makes huge achievements in livestock husbandry over eight years

Huai’an city in Jiangsu province, in an attempt to create six superior livestock husbandry sectors, has been promoting transformation and upgrading of that industry by focusing on development of black pigs, cultivation of leading breeding areas, concentration of feed businesses and construction of meat industry clusters. As a result, it ranked second in the provincial livestock husbandry work assessment in 2016 and has won first prize in the industry in Jiangsu for the past eight consecutive years, according to an announcement in Jiangsu media on Mar 30.

Taking scale breeding as the main direction in the development of the industry, Huai’an city closely monitors the development and protection of local livestock and poultry species resources. For example, a pig species cultivated in the city, the “Huai’an black pig”, has been approved as a national-level agricultural product geographical symbol, a result of hard work over the past 12 years.

Huaiyin district, Huai’an district and Lianshui county are now the three main areas for national-level pig production in Huai’an city. In addition, Lianshui county and the Hongze Lake area have respectively been rated as provincial-level pig and goose modern livestock husbandry demonstration bases. Furthermore, five main poultry breeding bases have been formed in Huai’an: the Huangyu chicken breeding base in Xuyi, grass chicken cultivation bases in Huaiyin and Lianshui, laying-hen farming bases in Huai’an and Qingjiangpu districts, Hongze Lake goose breeding base in Hongze county, and a laying-duck and meat duck cultivation base in Jinhu county. Huai’an also has suburban dairy industry economic areas in Huai’an and Huaiyin districts, and a cow breeding area in southern Xuyi.

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