The Indian software industry association , the biggest one in India , lead a team to visit the companies in Nanjing for business opportunities on Jan 12 and 13.[Detail]
China Eastern Airlines will add 28 flights between Nanjing and Taipei during the coming Spring Festival travel rush , according to the news from the Jiangsu office of the airline announced on Jan 13.[Detail]
The government of Huai ’ an held a meeting for the representatives of Taiwanese businessmen in the afternoon of Jan 12.[Detail]
It is reported that the experts in Nanjing are developing a set of monitor system to forecast rainfall accurately .[Detail]
Finding parking space could be a headache in a crowded downtown area , but not for drivers in Nanjing ' s busiest business district , thanks to smart robots that function as parking valets .[Detail]
The 10 " urban green small living rooms " that were planned and built in 2016 passed the acceptance a few days ago , according to Huai ' an City Bureau of Parks .[Detail]
Huai ' an Institute of Talent Development was established in Huai ' in Normal University on the afternoon of Dec 27.[Detail]
Wuxi ' s Hongshan IoT Town announced the installation and initialization of China ' s first NB-IoT network on Dec 27 .[Detail]
Huai ' an ' s foreign trade increased 40.1% from a year earlier , reaching 2.2 billion yuan in November , according to the latest statistics from Huai ' an Customs announced on Dec 26.[Detail]
A company in Wuxi has created the world's first electrostatic speaker made from graphene. [Detail]
The fourth Huai-Merchant Summit was held in Huai ' an city of Jiangsu province on Dec 15.[Detail]
Wuxi Metro Line 1 won China ' s highest honor for engineering construction , the National Quality Engineering Golden Award , according to the news reported on Dec 15.[Detail]
First Google Adwords Experience Center in Northern Jiangsu ' s was officially settled at Huaishi Makerspace in Huai ' an a few days ago .[Detail]
The economic and trade delegation of Huai ' an held the Huai ’ an-Taiwan Culture , Economy and Trade Exchange Week in Taiwan from Dec 6 to 11.[Detail]
An enterprise having many years of menhaden farming in Jurong plans to import about 500000 menhaden roes from the U . S . , said Zhenjiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on Dec 11.[Detail]