Investment in Jiangsu

Emerson , the United States headquartered automation solutions company , plans to invest 115 million yuan ( $ 17.85 million ) in a new research center in Suzhou , said the company last week .[Detail]
The 18th China Xuyi International Crayfish Festival landed in Shanghai on June 17, to step up cooperation with Fosun International and Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart.[Detail]
At the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, fans often wave scarves to cheer for their teams. These scarves are actually produced from a company in Baitu town of Jiangsu’s Jurong city.[Detail]
Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province launched a fund worth 14.8 billion yuan ($2.31 billion) to support the real economy in the city on June 11, with the fund’s first investment project signed on the same day.[Detail]
The 2018 China (Suzhou) International Technology Transfer Conference opened on June 13, attracting more than 200 Chinese and foreign guests to discuss technological cooperation in the city.[Detail]
Pfizer’s new plant in Suzhou, with an investment of nearly $100 million, went into production on June 12.[Detail]
New-energy vehicle startup Byton opened its global headquarters at Nanjing Economic Development Zone, becoming the first NEV headquarters located in Jiangsu Province on June 11.[Detail]
China's first maglev train with independent intellectual property rights is expected to be rolled out in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province.[Detail]
A newly built global stem cell storage, research and application center went into operation in Gaochun District, Nanjing on June 9.[Detail]
Interdisciplinary AI Summit 2018, the highest-level meeting for cross-discipline artificial intelligence in China, will open in Nanjing City on June 20.[Detail]
The China-Kazakhstan Lianyungang Logistics Cooperation Base has seen the operation of 666 cross-border freight trains, carrying 66,500 TEUs, since June 8 last year,.[Detail]
Jiangsu people’s government unveiled 12 measures on June 5 to improve the quality and efficiency in using foreign fund.[Detail]
Huaian City has planned to allocate 140 million yuan ( $ 21.8 million ) as guarantee loan for business start-up for this year .[Detail]
New brand of agricultural products that are of high quality and visually attractive has continued to emerge in the Huaian market in recent years, with the "Xuyi Crayfish Rice" a good example.[Detail]
The first "China-Singapore Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum" was held in Nanjing recently, with aims to promote the planning of China’s first AI island, have in-depth dialogues about the future, and also showcase the application of AI in all aspects of life.[Detail]